the hatch

Let's Hatch a Relationship!

Hey Beautiful People! I have teamed up with my favourite BC Winery to offer you an amazing promotion. If you refer a client to me, Catherine Worthy, I will send you a delicious box of wine from The Hatch Winery in West Kelowna. Included in the mix are six bottles of goodness like Dynasty Red, Octobubble, Hobo Series Muscat, The Smokeshow, B. Yanco, among others depending on availability.

Once the person you refer purchases or sells a home through me and the deal closes, the wine will be shipped to you. It is that easy.

I'd suggest celebrating with Octobubble, a scrumptious brut rosé.


You don't drink wine? I've got you covered when I contact you about your shipping address let me know and I will give you some options.




Note: All images are the property of The Hatch Winery and are used with their consent.


Just a bit of Fine Print with regards to rules from the Real Estate Council of BC:

As per Real Estate Council of BC Rules, all referrals must be disclosed to the referred party (i.e. your friend or family member) at the time of purchase/sale.
If you feel uncomfortable having to disclose the referral to a family member or friend, I am happy to either donate the referral portion to a charity of your choosing (I have a few causes I like to support if you need suggestions), or you could offer to split the referral fee with your friend/family member.
Paying a referral fee to an unlicensed person: 
  • A licensee may pay an unlicensed person a referral fee as long as
  • the unlicensed person does not solicit, for the purposes of making a referral, the names of persons who may want to acquire or dispose of real estate;
  • the practice of making referrals is not the main business of the unlicensed person making the referral; and
  • the unlicensed person making the referral does nothing else that would require them to be licensed (refer to the definition of ‘‘real estate services’’ in section 1 of RESA).
Disclosure that a referral fee is to be paid:
  • Section 3-3(1)(f) of the Rules requires a licensee to disclose to a client ‘‘all known material information respecting the real estate services’’ being provided. If a licensee has agreed to pay a referral fee, that is a material fact which must be disclosed to the client. This is true whether the referral fee is to be paid to a licensee or to an unlicensed person.